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How to Choose and Work with a Recruiter

Match yourself with a great Recruiter

Your recruiter can be a great source of information. They can help you find out information like what the job market trends are, what the comparable salary structures are to your current position/job, and what types of positions are available currently with their clients.

The key to maximizing your job search resources is to chose a recruiter whom you trust, who will listen to your needs, understand what those needs are and discuss with you as appropriate, and who the specialists are in your fields of interests, with excellent connections to these areas you’re interested in working in. Most importantly, your recruiter should represent you with your best interests at heart and communicate with you regularly and honestly.

Maximize your options and resources, but also use common sense and discretion in handing over your resume to people whom you choose to represent you. The process of choosing which recruiter(s) to work with is quite simple: meet him/her. Chemistry is very important to developing the level of trust you need in this relationship. If you’re comfortable in sharing your information with a recruiter and feel he/she has a good understanding of what you’re saying in terms of your career goals, then that’s a great start. Get a feel for how he/she asks you questions, what types of industries they focus on, what levels of connections they have with clients, which clients they work with, what their Privacy Policy(Add hyperlink) is, what exactly are the steps in which they will take for your career search, etc. There are just a few points when you meet with a recruiter. The main thing is if you feel you can trust this person to have your best interests at heart.